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Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneer requires a longer treatment time. At the first appointment, your teeth are prepared and an impression is made of them. Temporary veneers are made out of plastic and placed on your teeth. They are used to protect your teeth while the real porcelain veneer is being fabricated. You can also use them to evaluate the look and feel of your teeth so that any changes you desire can be incorporated into your real veneers.At the second appointment, we remove the temporary veneers and bond the porcelain veneer to your teeth. Once the dental veneers are cemented, color alteration is no longer possible. Dental cement is applied between the dental veneers and tooth.

Although they are thin, a porcelain veneer is much stronger than the composite veneer, so the risk of fracture as compared with composite veneers is much less. However, if a fracture does occur, repairing it is more difficult and may result in the veneer having to be remade.

Once teeth have been veneered, they will require periodic treatment and regular visits to Newman Springs Dental Care. The result is a beautiful and long lasting smile you will love.

Please call Newman Springs Dental Care at (732) 945-5661 with any questions or concerns regarding veneers.

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